Long term service (LTS) is a stable release that is maintained for an extended period of time.
App version: LTS X.X.X.0
Min OS version: Windows 10 15063


App package
All Dependencies

Dependencies per arch


Installing on desktop:

  1. Download the .appxbundle, certificate and (if needed) dependencies
  2. Open and install the certificate
      "Local Machine"
      "Place all certificates in the following store"
      "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities" (Requires Admin)
  3. Open and install the dependencies if needed
  4. Open the .appxbundle in file explorer to install the app

Installing on mobile:

  1. Download the .appxbundle and (if needed) dependencies
  2. Sideload the app using the device portal ( Instructions )
Alternatively, you may be able to install the dependencies and .appxbundle manually via File Explorer.

Frequently Asked

Q. How often is a new version of LTS released?

A. Once every 6 months - 1 year, unless something major breaks.

Q. Will I automatically get new updates?

A. No. An LTS build never gets updated unless you want it to. You'll need to come back to this page to install an available update.

Q. I can't install!

A. That's not a question, but sure. See the "installing" instructions above, and contact me if you have any questions